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Why do you have to take donations?

First, giving folks the opportunity to donate to the Funnies allows others who can't to still receive them.

Second, I do have direct costs related to Internet access, programming for the online subscription tool, domain name costs, postal box, etc.

Third, in order to support my family, I need to have income related to the significant time I spend doing the Funnies. To help you understand the commitment, here is a list of my tasks:

  • Reading and deleting or saving possible Funnies sent to me
  • Scanning and choosing the Funnies (over 200 a year)
  • Cleaning the chosen Funnies (grammar, misspellings, extra spacing, etc.)
  • Dropping each one into the Funnies template
  • Choosing and adding a Thot to each
  • Uploading the Funnies to the server
  • Taking care of technical problems/interacting with the wonderful Agathan support
  • Daily helping people (over 20,000 subscribers):
    • subscribe
    • unsubscribe
    • change their address
    • find an old Funny
    • respond to questions/comments/criticisms
  • Finding opportunities to promote the Funnies list to others

Are donations tax-deductible?

No. The bottom line is that Mikey's Funnies is a simple hobby of mine - a hobby that costs both money and time.

While God has used this silly hobby for His good and many attest to our ministry of laughter, resourcing, and inspriration, we are not a recognized 501(c)3 organization with a board of directors and annual report to donors.

No one is getting rich from this hobby! The best response we've ever had to our donation requests was 1.03% of subscribers. But their generosity makes the continuation of the Funnies possible.

So, obviously, it's a little more than quickly shooting an email out each day. But it's something I'm committed to. Since 1996 I've seen how God has used the Funnies as a ministry and resource to others. Go figure. I'm just trying to be responsible with my time for the sake of my family.

Hope that makes sense,

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