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Last updated: 06.07.2006

By Mikey, a.k.a. Mike Atkinson

This list was started in 1995 as a personal email list to my friends. I worked at Youth Specialties at the time, which does events and resources for youth workers. As I got to know more and more youth workers, I added them to my list. Soon I got replies from them telling me about how they were using the Funnies in their talks, newsletters, etc.

Duh. It was more than a silly joke list...it had become a resource for youth ministry!

So in July of 1996 we folded it into Youth Specialties’ growing list of Internet resources for youth ministry. Over the years the list grew and grew, adding all sorts of church leaders (senior pastors, music ministers, etc.), parachurch leaders (missionaries, speakers, authors, etc.), and church lay leaders. Then more and more regular folks joined, both church-going and not.

In May 2004 I went independent and made the Funnies part of my new Internet consulting company, uneekNet, which helps organizations succeed on the Internet. Today I work with a business promotions company doing Internet marketing and still consult Christian organizations on the side.

The last few years, the list has had anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 subscribers, mostly in America, but also from around the planet.

The first purpose of the list is to brighten your day. He who doesn't need to laugh at least once a day may cast the first stone. I've heard great stories from subscribers of how a Funny came at just the right time in their day.

The second purpose is to be a resource. Many of the Funnies can easily be used in the context of a sermon/speech/lesson, newsletter, study, etc.

Third, a distinctive of Mikey's Funnies is the occasional inspirational or motivational "Funny" (in quotes because it's not particularly humorous.

I only forward Funnies that are not copyrighted. If I inadvertently send one out that is copyrighted, please lemmeno (with as much info as you can), so I don't do it again, and so I can notify the subscribers.

Please remember that humor is a funny thing. We all have different tastes. So if one isn't funny to you, trash it, and hope the next one will be. If none of 'em are, escape is easy--follow the unsubscribe instrux in each post. You won’t hurt my feelings.

Oh, and I don't write the stuff I send out. I know that may stun you, but I leave the real funny stuff to the pros. I don't even write "Mikey's Thot for the Day," which you'll find at the bottom of each Funny sent out. Those are usually bumper snickers forwarded to me.

Folks ask me, "Gee, Mike, how do you have time to do this Funny thing?" I could string them on and comment on the universal value of humor and my commitment to do whatever it takes to brighten the day of humankind - thus the hours daily it takes me is nothing compared to the relative health and welfare of this planet...and all that rot.

Actually it's pretty easy. I have a folder full (and I mean FULL) of Funnies that have been sent to me. Each month I simply dig in there, pull some out, and set them up to send each day. (Thank you, Lord, for Copy/Paste!) Pretty anti-climactic, eh?

And, while it may not take me hours each day, it does take a good amount of my time. Many folks over the years have sent financial support so that the Funnies can remain free - get more info on donating.

Between the other humor lists I'm on and the folks who regularly feed me this stuff, I have plenty of Funnies. So if you're inspired to send me one, make sure you do it only after climbing back in your chair from laughing so hard.

And don't dive into a deep depression if you don't see it used immediately. It could take months, or I may have already used it. Or I just don't like it. Chin up...

Oh, and one other thing: Only the clean stuff! duh

Have fun!

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